To whom it may concern;

It is beyond my understanding why WS/Forsyth Co. schools would not allow the video streaming of the Friday night game against RJ Reynolds and apparently any future Forsyth Co. games. We have been presenting our audio and video streams for three years now.
It is my belief that offering this service to the community does nothing but advance public relations and the sports programs of the schools involved. Our three year history shows that viewers from several states and even overseas have been able to watch loved ones play football. I am convinced that our broadcasts do not hinder ticket sales. In fact, the publicity from our broadcasts may help to increase fan turnout.
Finally, maybe this department should be more involved with other aspects of game night, like deciding which songs get played over the PA system before the game. As was the case Friday night at Deaton-Thompson Stadium, songs that included the "N" word and the "F" word were played to your public. Personally, I was offended.
Please recheck your priorities and do some research on the benefits from our broadcasts.
Bob Barber
Color Analyst for WDSL radio

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