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                                       WDSL SCHEDULE

We are bringing YOU The BEST of Gospel, Bluegrass &Classic Country music ! 


Monday-Friday  9:00 am-11:00am  Join Pat Shannon with the Famous Home Ad Show. Looking to buy, sell or trade something ? Call in # 704-873-1400 or 336-499-0681 e- mail Pat , You can mail us your home ad to the bag o' mail to Home Ad c/o wsic-am 1117 Radio Road Statesville n.c.28677.

Time slots available on WDSL:

Monday -Friday 7:30am-8am(available)

Monday -Friday 11am-1130am (available)

Monday-Friday 2:30 pm- 7pm - (Available)

Saturday 7am-8am (available)

Saturday 8:30am- 9am (available)

Sunday 3pm-5pm(available)


Monday -Friday at 12:45-1:00 pm Pastor Dr.Allen Barker of Northwood Baptist Church,Yadkinville 

*Monday -Friday 1:00-1:15 pm The Old Trailblazer with Albert Pendarvis

Monday-Friday 8:00am-8:30 The Bright Spot Hour

Monday-Friday 8:30am- 8:45 Temple Baptist Church

Monday-Friday 8:45 -9:00 am Lloyd Morgan Ministries

Monday-Friday 11:30am-11:45am Royal Grace Bible Hour

Monday-Friday 11:45am 12 noon Shorewood Baptist Bible Church

Monday~Friday 12:03-12:30 Tabernacle Baptist Church

Mon., Wed.,Fri. Evangelist David Maynard 12:30 pm-12:45 pm

Monday-Friday  1:15-1:30 pm  Lloyd Morgan Ministries

Mon-Fri 1:30-2:00 pm pm Pastor Danny Castle of Shining Light Baptist Church

Monday ~Friday 2:00~2:30 pm  New Testament with Pastor Kellogg

Monday~Friday 5:30- 5:45 pm Dr. Zack Sizemore



Monday 12:05-12:30 pm  Voice of the Watchman Presented by Rev.Gary Frye

Thursday 12:15-12:30 pm Echoes Of Mercy Pastor Gordon Finley Sponsored by N.C.DIAGNOSTICS LLC 

Tuesday &Thursday 12:30 pm-12:45 pm Trinity Baptist Church Pastor Darrell Cox




Lloyd Morgan Ministries 8am-8:30am

Cross of Fire 9:30-10:00am

1pm-:4:00pm Weekend in the Country with Steve Boger, great variety in country music and an enjoyable show!

Saturday 11 am-1:00 pm  Country Grass show with Jr. Dunn and Lisa Smith also on Sunday 5:00 pm-7:00 pm. Bringing you the best in Bluegrass and old time music.





7:30 am- 8am  Jericho Church of Christ

8:00 am-8:30am Call to Worship hosted by:Pastor Bob Timberman

8:30 am-9:00am Yadkin Valley Baptist Church brought to you by: Dr. Ronnie Craddock

9 am-9:15 am Redland Church of Christ with Rev.Odell Rhinehart

*9:15 ~9:30am Heavenly Sonshine Program Host: Harry and Geneva Holloway

9:30 am-10:00 am Gospel Time hosted by: Rev.Kevin Hobson

10:15-10:45 am (Sunday school service LIVE) Gospel Light Baptist Church with Dr.Bobby Robertson

11 am-12 noon Gospel Light Baptist Church service LIVE with Dr.Bobby Robertson

12:15-12:30pm Evangelist Randy Howell

12:30 pm-1:00pm Lloyd Morgan Ministries

1:00 pm-2:00pm  Wisdom Hour

2:00~2:30 Les Fledick Ministries

2:30-1pm Lloyd Morgan Ministries

2:45-3:00pm Heavenly Sonshine Program With Harry & Geneva Holloway

5PM ~7PM Jr.Dunn and Lisa Smith Country Grass Show

* during all open air time ,Classic Country and Bluegrass& Gospel music plays.

If you would like to be apart of our Sunday morning or Weekly Broadcasts Call us TODAY @ 336-751-9375





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Lisa Smith and Jr Dunn
of the Country Grass Show Saturdays 11:00AM-1:00PM
and Sundays 5:00-7:00PM


Steve Boger

Host of Weekend in the Country

Every Saturday 1:00-4:00 PM