In a Saturday night tweet, Trump attacked CNN, saying the network’s international division “represent our Nation to the WORLD very poorly.” A few minutes later, Trump tweeted an alternative: (CLICK HERE TO VIEW)

The name MagaPill is a riff on “red pill,” . A metaphor based on a plot line from The Matrix, it refers to the process of normalizing extreme views. MagaPill is also active on Gab, a social network WHICH IS banned from the Google app store violating its hate speech policy

** EDITOR NOTE**.THE NEW NORM for Google: censoring all web content it deems as "Hate speech"!Welcome to the future folks!!!!!!! Hopefully, Donald Trump will end the tyranny imposed upon the American people by the tyrannical giant GOOGLE,WHICH IS A MONOPOLY**

Trump presents MagaPill as the antidote to “fake news,”


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