Standing Ovations at the Grand Ole Opry for Emi Sunshine on the cover of this months Country Music People Magazine.
> > Standing Ovations at the
> > EmiMè,

Emi Sunshine 2018 Concerts., Facebook/emisunshinemusic

GA, Decatur, Eddie's Attic Feb 4

TN, Nashville - The Valentine Feb 5

LA, New Orleans Jazz and Music Fest May 5.
NC, Holly Springs, Holly Springs Cultural Center.  Feb 3. 

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Read Emi's recent Jan 20 comment where she describes what it is like to be in the zone while performing.

Emi gets requests from everywhere daily and is in demand. She is filling out her 2018 very busy concert schedule fast.

Emi's new album #1 on iTunes.
Emi's Ragged Dreams. see THEEMISUNSHINE.COM
Ragged Dreams selected country Music Album of the Month by Country Music People.

Ragged Dreams released as #1 Country, Americana album on iTunes.

> > Emi Sunshine's new album "RAGGED DREAMS" is out, now.  Emi released this album on August 25, 2017.  Since then this album charted number 1 on the Country, Americana, or EP charts  at  iTunes.  The title track has been  climbing the charts  from # 36.  Reviews of this all original album have been equating Emi to many other country legends.   As when Emi  started to become popular she was nominated future country legend as she is constantly improving and eclipsing her ultra sound standards.  There is a reason why Emi gets standing ovations, and packed venues wherever she goes including 15  performances on the Grand Ole Opry.   
The King, a movie Emi stars in and performs her song Danny Ray in has been selected to premier at the Sundance Film Festival. The King, a movie about Elvis, music history and the modern America situation on a road trip during the past election features an interview with Emi Sunshine and her song Danny Ray she played at the preview of the top produced and directed movie at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival in France.

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> >  A Little About Emi Sunshine.

> > While just a natural, normal same as every other girl, this East TN native with outstanding music ability to get standing ovations at the Grand Ole Opry, has put together an outstanding standard of performance and record setting performances.
> >
> > Emi Sunshine gets standing ovations at the Grand Ole Opry. Emi's current album Ragged Dreams is number 1 on iTunes country, Americana, or LP since release. Emi's titled song Ragged charted at 37 on release and is climbing the charts since release.
> >
> > Emi's composition and performance of the Ables made #1 on the top sellers lists on Amazon and Barnes and Noble including overall number # 1 best seller on Barnes and Noble in the top 10 overall best sellers on Amazon. The Ables is a inspirational program to motive children and people to program them for success. Kaylee is shown listening to Emi and when the music stops, she is so tired she falls asleep. However, as long as she is listening to Emi she is wide awake and alert. Kaylee had serious physical disabilities that she could not stand or walk without help. After listening to Emi's Able's, Kaylee won a sprint race.
> >
> > Emi wrote and performed the song Danny Ray that is on the sound track of a movie she appears in previewed at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival where Emi and the Rain went and performed it lived.
> >
> > Holly Williams told Emi she sang the best version of her grandfather's Honky Tonk Blues she had ever heard. Emi is an amazing and versatile performer who can entertain any music lover.
> >
> > Emi recently attended and performed at the Jerry Garcia tribute concert at the Strand Theatre in New Jersey. Her performance of Sugaree was getting the crowds up, standing and clapping along. Her performance of Uncle John's band that takes you right back to John the Baptist. This performance has such a timeless amazing must see quality that transends time, kind and space. Emi brings this song to life like old Jerry and the Dead could never do. A trully inspired classical magical moment in music history you should see.  Pure musical genius.  Solid gold.  The kind of musical performance one might only witness once in a life time.
> >
> > Emi's crisp, clean performances and unique interpretations leave no doubt what a song is really about. As if she carefully considers each song for meaning and puts appropriate feelings and emotions.
> >
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Emi Sunshine, 14 time Grand Ole Opry star performing to standing ovations has done things no one else her age has ever done. Emi is the youngest musician who ever headlined at the Crystal Bay Club in Tahoe. Emi has accomplished things no one of any age has done. Holly Williams told Emi she sang the best version of her Grandfather´s Honky Tonk Blues she had ever heard. Emi is packing the venues to standing ovation crowds wherever she goes. Emi wrote and performed The Ables that topped the bestseller lists as overall number 1 best seller on Barnes and Noble, and 2 #1 bestseller lists on Amazon with overall top 10 best sellers. Emi released her album Ragged Dreams all original songs she wrote and performed on August 25 that charted number 1 Americana, Country Album or EP on iTunes with title track Ragged Dreams climbing the charts at 36. Emi wrote and sang the sang Danny Ray for the soundtrack of a movie previewed at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival. If you have a cause, business, venue or product, Emi Sunshine can bring the people, business, and attention to make your efforts successful.
> > Emi when she was much less wild.

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